Rivieras De Cárdenas

Rivieras De Cárdenas

Rivieras De Cárdenas

Rafael De Cárdenas, Architecture At Large, and Danamza, Rivieras’ Creative Director, met in the late 90’s. Both have kept a close relation ship for over a decade, each of them experimenting in diverse fields. This collaboration, like any other for Rivieras, is about shared passion and friendship. Welcome to Esoteric.
Available June First 2013, for women and men.

Rivieras is Esoteric, lines, volumes,
fabrics, shadows and lights.
Visible, invisible and infinite architecture
in the private show room of the brand,
For a chaos cocktail to celebrate
the highlight of 2013 summer collection,
and the collaboration with Rafael De Càrdenas.

Rivieras is Esoteric, tout en lignes, volumes, 
matériaux, ombres et lumières.
Architecture infinie, visible et invisible,
dans le show room privé de la marque,
Pour un cocktail du chaos en l’honneur
du modèle phare de la collection 2013,
et de la collaboration avec Rafael De Càrdenas.


Rivieras is De Cardenas
Rivieras is Exterior & Interior
Rivieras is Esoteric
Rivieras is a Starting Point
Rivieras is Converging
Rivieras is Inner Circle
Rivieras is Infinit Pattern
Rivieras is Clarity into Chaos
Rivieras is Final
Rivieras is Infinite
Rivieras is Into the Void
Rivieras is Part of the Invisible
Rivieras is Specific
Rivieras is Generic
Rivieras is a Field
Rivieras is an Ending Point
Rivieras is 
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